Hey World

Well well well, Hello World. It's about time I actually do a post lol. I guess I should do a little introduction before I just jump straight in. 

Well these are the basics I'm Tope, Temitope. Whatever you like Temi or Tope you can run with but most people call me Tope. London Girl but Naija babe. Currently in my final year at university (We give glory to God because I am ready to leaveeeeeeeee I may be young but I am ready boo please believe me)...
I am studying Multimedia Technology and Design. I used to love Graphic Design but the passion isn't there like before I don't know I think its uni but anyway. Yes that's the main hmm. I love fashion, makeup, SHOES! You know just normal girly things. I made this so I can blog about my journey in modelling. So any shows, shoots etc I do I'm going to blog about. I might blog about other stuff if I feel like it like fashion, makeup (but not too much because I can barely do anything after a young concealer and contour) but hey who knows.

And yeah welcome to my blog. I feel well awks writing this looooooool. Holla atcha girl ya feel me! Mwahs.


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