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Okay I LOVE a black film right like love them. You see certain people in a film you think hmm okay should be good why not. Now when I saw the Baggage Claim trailer I thought damn this looks good and I purposely waited for it to premiere in the UK because with certain films I just feel like I have to watch it in the cinema (terrible idea).

Now before I even get to the actual film I need to rant on the cinema itself. 
Look don't go cinema on orange Wednesdays especially Stratford Westfield cinema because everybody and their Aunty out here looking for discount.
First I had to pay for VIP as the film was sold out no surprise so cool whatever what's an extra £1.65 to lady like me right. Cool. Enter the place now. The first thing I'm thinking is damn like this really looking like an ACS freshers week event but okay. Get to my seat and some RATCHETS (Young Ladies) are in my VIP seat. Now if its normal seating I don't care but why pay extra if you are not going to get what you paid for. Obviously one of the Shaniquas in my seat was like 'Naaaa I ain't getting up we moved bare times kini korrr kini korrrr' I'm just thinking no am I actually at Brunel ACS debate? Anyway I let the usher handle that because Temitope will not talk directly to the RATCHET (Young Lady) because I'm not here for that.
Anyway finally get a seat and the film begins I don't even remember the beginning too much I just remember Paula Patton was single and looking for a man. I've seen Paula act in one film (Jumping the Broom) and she was alright. But this Honey was a MESS a tragedy even. The storyline was Hmm. Like I get it big sister going to little sisters wedding with no man who wants that? I know I don't. But like the film lacked in so many ways. Paula's acting was very corny to me and as of recent I've really grown to respect actors and their ability to really become a character but I don't know what it was about this it just didn't execute at all.
Within the first half an hour I already knew what was going to happen .. If you haven't watched stop reading because this is a spoiler... You know when she went to the first guys house the one that had 'business abroad' and he booked her a hotel to stay in I just knew he had a wife like when I saw his house I actually said ‘This Ncca got a wife'. Everything after that was just forced the only bit I liked was with Trey Songs and Tia Mowry only because that was funny (and he fine).

I also felt like they looked for a quick way to end the film by cancelling her sister's wedding I would have probably enjoyed it more if she actually went to the wedding with her best friend as her man rather than them just cancel the whole thing. Easy way out? Didn't want to shoot an actual wedding scene? Who knows. And it was very obvious her and her best mate would become lovers I mean damn throw me off don't make it so obvious within 20 minutes the most exciting thing was Christina Milian cheating on her man, that was actually the most unexpected thing in the film.
So yes Baggage Claim gets a 3.5/10 from me. I'm being nice with that .5. Yes it's harsh but it was just a JAZZ film quite a shame actually. I'm not really here for Paula Pattons acting right now. There were scenes that I was trying to figure out the emotion she was trying to portray I just did not get what was going on. They had quite a few well-known names in that film (Lala, Taye Diggs, Jill Scott, Boris Kodjoe, Adam Brody, Lauren London, Christina Milian, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and more) but all the names in the world will not pick up for a boring plot. I don't even know what the plot was as I think about it. If anything the film told me to just thought marry the boy that's been you best friend that's all I got from it. 
However, I will give a clap to Adam Brody and Jill Scott as they aced their roles as Paula's close friends. Adam especially! He did that!!
Also a bit of advice stay CLEAR from Stratford Westfield on a Wednesday if you actually want to enjoy your film because it's actually too packed.
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  1. I totally agree with this Ms London! Keep doing yo thang girl! Lovin it! Xoxoxo

  2. So true LOL! Was really disappointed with this film