Love and Hip Hop NY | Season 4 Eps 1&2

Ratchet Reality TV is back and we love it!!! Baby mothers, Hidden marriages, Adultery, DNA tests, Studio Love and Jail sentences Oh yes it can only be Love and Hip Hop!

Okay I didn’t do a review on this last week because I was just laughing at the whole show but let me touch on some points from the first and second episode real quick.

So in the first 10 minutes Yandy is explaining that her and Mandeeces told their son that Mandeeces is in the army. I felt a way about that like huh? I understand that you don’t want to tell the kid his father is in jail, but lying that he’s in the army. That got a side eye from me

Normally I will Google the person but NO I’m cool. I’m not here for him and his scandalous ways actually he’s not even that scandalous but I will get into that in a minute.

Rich Dollaz Where’s Olivia? Olivia where you at? Maybe she was tired of the bull that comes with the #show or maybe Mona decided to stop cutting certain people a cheque? Shade but no shade.

Sometimes I watch the show and feel bad for rich like no one respects him as a manager. How can an unsigned rapper/stripper say she does not want you to manage her. Damn rich like damn. He should have never worked with Erica what did it do? Nothing ! he’s always talking about singles on the charts but no one is checking for the 79th single on a chart Rich c’mon top 10? Top 20 I’ll even allow that but top 80? You tripping tie ya shoe lace!
I am SOOOO tired of Erica Mena, Yes she is beautiful but what else bye man. From time your manager gave a song you loved to his other artist that hates you the party was DONE. This whole bad bitch get money any way necessary is not cute its not hot, No Bye

I love Tahiry. The show has made me like her. She seems to have a real cool personality and it looks as if she knows what she wants career wise and does what she can to get it. I definitely respect her for telling Jo to get his ass tested in the first episode. You have to be smart not everything oh I love him be smart take care of yourselves ladies! Please!
Yandy… I respect her work rate. This holding down your man for 20 years in jail….. Couldn’t be me!!!!

Amina, Amina.. I don’t know where to start there’s too much. Pretty girl seems talented. I actually really liked Black Buddafly well I liked the one song they had with fabulous ‘Bad girl’ but what’s up with baby girl? She seems really ditsy like she lacks common sense. This situation with Peter Gunz is a mess but you know what I personally think Tara is silly. Okay everyone thinks Amina is the side chic cool maybe she is but who is actually the main girl? Tara has his kids and he lives in her house… SO? What does that mean. Nothing I tell you. There’s no proper commitment.  I don’t understand women like Tara like so much hope for a man that stay doing you dirty. Your not married what does he really owe you. Ok you have his kids. Having someone’s kids does not mean relationship people need to really understand this. And do you know how much of a disrespect it is that he can marry Amina even if it is just for papers but not marry you. REALLY? C’mon ladies do better. Women see themselves being treated like crap then cry 50 years later I don’t get it. Dead that Peter Gunz what is he even doing for you he living in YOUR HOUSE ..Your bachelorette pad as she referred to it. No that isn’t cute.

Back to me saying Peter is not scandalous. He’s not that scandalous because Tara is his baby mother who he lives with, I’m yet to hear Mr. Gunz say that’s his girlfriend. He’s a messy clown yes but the only thing he’s done that I think was terrible was choosing to stay with Amina and tap that A** instead of TAKING HIS SON TO SCHOOL. I was so done at that point. I mean really done. You could have hit it and gone to take your son at 7.45am and then gone back but you straight up chose the kitty over your child. NO respect for them man there. And Tara your chilling. In fact chill.

I’m not here for Nya Lee I’m tired man Bad bitch get money blah blah please free me. Show me more BeyoncĂ©’s please. That’s why I like K Michelle she used the show for business purposes and it worked for her. Be smart with it man damn. 
Also, I only just noticed now how many people Mona cropped. Wheres aunty Rah $1000 a bundle? LOL. She was crazy but she actually made me laugh. Consequence? Jen? The other babe that fought Jen I so can not remember her name! Where they at?

That’s me on love and hip hop I don’t know if I'll do a weekly review on it its just too blah for me my heart belongs to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

And side note who the heck is watching Chrissy and Mr. Jones why is there season 2? I’m too confused? Ha-ha


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