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If you don’t already know I am the Queen of YouTube. I have always loved YouTube since it came out just because I find it amazing that I can watch people from all over the world.
 It sounds corny but that’s why I love it. I have been talking to a lot of my mates about online web series and they hardly ever know the ones I’m talking about. At first I found it quite strange because I thought everybody would know the popular ones but then again everybody is not a YouTube lover like myself. 

So its Friday night you have just finished work, had your dinner and there’s nothing on TV. Mr World Prem can’t even help you out because no new shows are out till Monday. So what do you do? I’m going to post my favourite online web series so you can check them out. I have posted the first episode of each series. The full seasons can be found on their YouTube channels. 
Roomie Lover Friends
Look if you want a good online show this is it. I have watched both seasons more than twice. I love Issa Rae and all her YouTube series so I was researching what other shows she had other than Awkward Black Girl and I came across RLF. Roomie Lover Friends is hilarious. Jay the main character is finer than vintage china and the scenario between him and Tamiko is hilarious. The show focuses on Tamiko and Jay who are flatmates but they recently did the do with each other. It really is a good show keeps you entertained. RLF has finished its second season and I am really waiting on the third!

The Choir
Okay I randomly came across the choir whilst I was browsing YouTube, which I do, almost everyday. The choir is holy and ratchet at the same time. The first 3 minutes had me confused but as I continued to watch I just started to laugh more and more as the episodes went on. I really like this web series because it’s different. If you’re looking for comedy this it. Oh and please hit episode 2 to see Mr Delight aka Caleb LOL.

Hello Cupid
I kept seeing Hello Cupid’s avatar on the YouTube sidebar but reading the description I was not feeling it so I never bothered to check it out. However a very boring day came and I thought to give it a try. It’s actually a very good series. Good acting in my opinion because I really began to hate Whitney’s character she was just annoying me. Also, the main guy is super cute (well to me, I know you’re thinking I think everybody is cute but he is actually cute). It's more chilled and laid back. It’s a funny show but not as funny as the others.

Close Friends
I honestly do not know how I came across this series. There are a lot of web series on YouTube some are A* ratchet and I think I initially thought this was one of them. Close friends follows a group of friends, their lives, love all that typical stuff but it is quite a cool series. Its a bit more real let me say.

Okay so clearly I live for American shows but I did recently come across a UK series that I reallllllly like which is called Unfamous. Unfamous follows a girl called Rio and her life, friends and love life at University. I think some people can relate to the show, I love it but it doesn’t show my life at university at all (I was really trying to catch my degree) Shade but no shade. But I definitely recommend everyone check it out. It covers love, friendships and domestic violence (The domestic violence is crazy that boy is really crazy). I have a favourite in the show her character is Carmen. I love her when I watch her I just see me she killed her role.

Anyway I hope you enjoy, I've been enjoying since 2008 ha-ha!



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