THEY'RE BACKKKK! The Real Housewives of Atlanta | S6 E1

My favourite show in the world is back. Okay my favourite reality #show. The RHOA the Georgia peaches are back on my screen giving me life. 

My ladies are back and doing it bigger than ever! Got me looking at my laptop like ^^^^

I have always loved this show because it’s more than just ratchet reality. Over the years its like I’ve watched the women grow and become successful and achieve all they wanted which is great.

The first episode gave me a lot in just 40 minutes. Congratulations to Cynthia and the Bailey Agency stepping up I hope the finance stays up because we all know what was going on between her and Peter a couple years ago with money and that was not the business.

The thing is with RHOA you might have to watch a few of the seasons to really understand how far these ladies have come I think its their growth that makes me love them so much.

My favourite is definitely Mrs. Nene Leakes. Yassss Honey the one and only Mrs. Leakes. Now a lot of people may not like Nene and I can kind of understand why. They may see her as loud and a bit of a show off but I don’t get that from Nene. When I look at Nene I just see someone who has gone hard for what they wanted to achieve, I think Nene is very smart when it comes to business and trying to get what she wants. She wanted to be an actress so she got on a reality show made a name for herself and then went to star in some very big shows. I can never be mad at that. She never denies that she used to buss it wide open for a dollar bill in fact it’s a part of her path. Its something she did a long time ago and no longer needs to do it. Accepting things is the best way to handle things no one can ever say to Nene you used to be a stripper because she will gladly tell you I was and that’s where I met my husband of 15 years and we still together you still mad?

I’m not here for Kenya I have never been here for Kenya. Yes you are or should I say were a beautiful woman but what else Kenya like you crazy. You want to tell everyone you have been proposed to 6 times but you still aren’t married, always making a scene always moaning about Walter .Walter is really not checking for you. I cannot wait to see Nene put Kenya in her place. That’s another thing with Nene friend or no friend if your wrong she will check you a lot of people are not like that they just accept their mates rubbish just because they are their mate.

I’m not here for Kandis mum, sorry. Every man Kandi has you try to run them off stop it mama Kandi let Kandi have happiness man. Kandi is a really successful woman when it comes to her career let her have happiness at home and in a relationship like please free her. ‘Todd has ulterior motives’ Huh? Todd has a job she met Todd on set whilst he was working BYE MAMA K! 

Poorsha I feel for you girl you were married to a queen your husband divorced you and didn’t even tell you found out on twitter. I actually want Poorsha to find happiness she’s a nice lady a bit ditsy but nice nevertheless.
 I will always shout out my girl Miss Phaedra love her that’s all I have to say not a bad word shade brigade from miss Phaedra yes Lord.

I’m just ready to see this big incident between Nene and Kenya because the way Apollo flew to back Peter yeah ha-ha they are actually La Familia. I don’t know why Kenya’s assistant wants to always get in the mix of her drama you’ve actually been getting flung around since last season you really need to sit down. And the way Kandi popped off at the end no I’m ready I AM READY.

Kandi looking like she just walked off a video shoot with Wacka Flocka noo I need to see this NOW!!! This season looks bigger and better and I am ready. Tune in get your life and some shade lessons.

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