I had so much to say about the Grammys last night so I thought to put all my thoughts into a post. You know I am not going to cover the entire show you and I both know I didn’t watch the whole thing and I know you didn’t either.

Let me read miss Knowles real quick because that kind of misbehavior can not occur on March 6th 2014 because Tope paid GOOD MONEY FOR THOSE TICKETS and I wish you would try this again they will get sold for top dollar.

Look I love Beyoncé and I LOVEE drunk in love if you know me you know it’s the first thing I play in my car everyday however I did not expect Beyoncé to perform drunk in love acting drunk the hell?
Okay you’re Beyoncé your album went platinum before Keyshia could say Cole I get it but do not get comfortable because the wigs were most certainly not snatched last night. You did not get to where you are today with mediocre performances.
You are Beyoncé because your performances look as though you rehearsed until the last minute like seriously what was this yes her legs were toned and ass looked phat but what else don’t do this Bey because you will fall off. And the vocals oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never ever ever let this occur the hell. I honestly think that her creating the album and being much more free led to her think she doesn’t have to rehearse and try to make things perfect anymore (she said it herself in the BTS videos for the album) No I cant please I’m telling you March the 6th lets not. LETS NOT DO IT MISS GISELLE KNOWLES.

You did not get to where you are with these half ass performances you cant SERFBOARD to my respect you want that reign well you have to work for it I don’t care if you been in the industry 16 plus years you know why you lasted that long because your work never became mediocre you were always doing more bigger and better and girl this was a MESSY MESS. I cant. If you want to continue with these kind of performances Bey I can ride for Ariana Grande because shawty coming up and the way you just performed you are definitely trying to come down don’t do it don’t Tpain it Bey you have come too far.

I read this comment on one blog site this morning which said ‘For a Grammy opening this was hyped for weeks..The best word Underwhelming! Not even her booty could sell this one‘ and it is the truth Grammy opening girl? Don’t get comfortableeeeeee.

 And you know how I know she is slacking she just sang the song Beyoncé neverrrr just sings the song there is always a twist an extra bit of something. You remember her sweet dreams performance when she wore that fine red lingerie she didn’t just sing the song she gave it something extra but now she just wants to sing the song the way it is no nothing in fact she didn’t even sing the whole song stopping at serffffbort for what?

Anyway apart from that disappointing performance lets look at other things that happened that night.

First off WHERE THE HELL WAS RIHANNA? I just wanted to see Rih like honestly quite upsetting =(Now Red Carpet Lets see who won and who is still trying to take part in the race. Ha.


Tamar: The dress is bad! As in good however I personally think someone else would have killed it. I love the dress but you have to know how to wear it I give it to Michael Costello but not to Tamar. I really thought it was Towanda from far.

Ashanti: her hairstylist won that’s all I got…

Bonnie McKee: I had no idea who this was until last night but shawty looked bad ombre for the Gods and the seas yes loved the dress, bag, hair girl all of it.

Paris Hilton: Paris can look great in anything to me. I just love this girl look at her glowing. I am trying to understand her and YMCMB but whatever. Her dress was nice not amazing I probably wouldn’t wear it however she wore it well.


Ariana Grande: The f? NO! New stylist please this girl is gorgeous  I understand not wanting to over sex her up but really.

Rita Ora: You know what it suits her right? Hair is laid too
Paula Patton: It's a NO from me. I’m so confused her man always looks so fly and then this?

Madonna: Hmm ...

Taylor Swift: Looks great to me. Dress fits her well

Alicia Keys: No boring looks like she found it in Mango or Warehouse but then again I will never be here for Alicia keys #teammashonda

Oh Beyoncé how nice of you to finally show us your outfit. Dress is nice but not amazing could’ve come better B.


Daft Punk: It's a win from me from the helmet to the shoes banging
Iggy Azalea: Simple. But Nice.
Pharell: Look he won producer of the year he could wear a crop top if he wants to HE WON and his speeches were very humbling got to love Pharell
Nadeea Volianova: She Lost I’m afraid
I first watched the stream from the actual Grammys live website the hosting was terrible TERRIBLE luckily I was able to grab a stream hosted by Sway, another guy I think his name is Jim (who I currently love as a host he is great at his job) and a girl called Nicole Byer from MTV Girl Code. Now Nicole was doing too much you know when there are two presenters and one is just talking and waffling and just making the whole interview awkward yep that was her.

Oh and congratulations Keyshia Cole yaassssssss girl that dress (pic below)

Please leave your own comments and thoughts on the show. Thanks.

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  1. hahahahaha this post is hilar!!!!! I agree on the Bey's performance.. i love her but she did not slay it!


    1. Hey Michelle. Thank you and even though i'm a fan you are right she most definitely did not slay!!

  2. LOOL! Bey's performance haha... I love Taylor and Ciara's look :)


  3. Aunty Bey should stop with mediocrity its not cute, even the Brits ... yawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn ! she looked like a washed up beauty queen