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What's up World. I was contacted by a Lingerie company called Affinitas Intimates and was sent a cute lingerie set to review.

The brand designs sophisticated lingerie at affordable prices in stylish, quality intimates. They have also been featured in Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar. The website link is here: Affinitas Intimates

Looking at the different styles on the website I think the brand caters to all types of women. As stated on their website 'Sexy or sweet? Whether you’re feeling flirty, glamourous or feminine, Affinitas has a look to match your mood'. You know some ladies like cute lingerie and some ladies just want that straight sexy drunk in love lingerie HA. You know what I mean.

When it comes to lingerie I personally like lace/frilly pieces especially in black or red and they do have a few pieces that fit that criteria on their website.

This is the set I was sent.

It's a cute polka dot black and white print with lace on the edge. I really like the design it's cute and playful & y'all know I like to play Lol. The detail such as the bow and lace add a nice touch to it.

My bust is quite small so I think this line would be great for my ladies with a larger bust looking for a good bra. Their collection varies in terms of style, colour and print. A lot of the pieces have a lace detail so if this is something you are looking for this brand could be ideal for you.

They also have some nice high waisted pieces which I fancy. So take a look and if you do purchase please leave your own comments on the lingerie.

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