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Hello Hello, It's been a minute okay maybe an hour but we here now right =) LOL.

I’m back with another bundle of shows. I had a lot of requests asking to post more shows as some of you had finished watching the ones in my original post. I must say I’m quite happy with the feedback, a lot of you liked the shows so I’m back with a bit more to keep you busy again.

Now this post is more of a mix my last post focused mainly on Web series. This post I’ve included some reality shows but these are reality shows you probably do not know about.
So lets get into it!

Dear Jesus
If you have me on Snap chat you probably saw the scene I posted of a Nigerian Mother and her sons Jamaican girlfriend. I randomly came across this #show thanks to (HouseOfBlackUK) and I am really happy I did. I was initially drawn in by the name (Dear Jesus) just has you thinking what could this be about. 

The show follows a young girl called Mercedes (or Benz as her man likes to call her) I find that so funny that he calls her Benz I don’t know why. Anyway yes so we are following Mercedes life, love life, work life etc. and from time to time she opens up her MacBook and writes to the Lord. It’s quite interesting just give it a try and you will see.

Its currently on its third season, if you do not want to start from Season 1 then you can start from 3 but I can’t watch a show from half way I need to understand every little bit hence why I started from Season 1. Acting is also very good in the web series. I take my hat off to the team.

Season 1 Episode 1

Season 3 Episode 1

Married to Medicine

Everybody says 'Tope you watch literally every show' and you know what you Damn Right I do. I came across #MarriedtoMed last summer and from the introduction alone I was hooked.
We are so used to these reality shows focusing on Rappers, Side Chic’s and Baby Mamas but this show right here we are focusing on well established successful Doctors and their wives.
You would think with the chandeliers, multimillion dollar houses and the lakes they have in their back gardens (Yes girl I said a lake not a pool, not a Jacuzzi A LAKE) these ladies would be a little less ratchet. Well some of them aren’t too ratchet like my favourite Dr Simone. It has only just started its second season so if your really feeling jiggy you can watch the first season and catch up to the second season now. The show is based in Atlanta. (My home away from home)

Married to Med Season 1 Ep 1

Married to Med Season 2 Ep 1

An African City

NEWBIE ALERT - So I kept seeing this on my twitter and I finally gave it a chance and you know what it is not too bad. I like the idea you know a group of African girls who have lived abroad most of their lives going back home to Africa (Ghana) to live.

We follow their lives in terms of work, romance and friendship. It is like an African sex in the city. The episodes are quite short that’s the only issue I have with it and this is its first season so I see room for improvement however it’s a nice change from the baby mamas and DNA tests. The quality is also a huge plus, nicely shot (looks better than my Samsung’s snap chats =( but that’s another post)

Season 1 Episode 1

Unwritten Rules

This is one of my favourites. I thought I had put it in my original post but no so here you go. This show focuses on a girl who is at work and faces tons of racial profiling. I think the show is hilarious just something you can watch for a night in if you want to laugh with a cup of tea. I think she is making fun of the whole race issue at work rather than taking it serious so it’s good for a laugh. It’s a hit on YouTube so if you love a YouTube web series this is for you.

Season 1 Episode 1

Mary Mary

Okay I have Mary Mary Shackles on my iTunes and when I tuned in to this show I was NOT expecting what I got. You see Mary Mary you think okay the show will be based in churches and you might see a little bit of praise and worship here and there NO not at all. Mary Mary’s show is giving me family, adultery, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers all in one show.

The show is just a watered down version of all the other ratchet reality TV we watch. I can really go in on this show but I won't all I can say is I am not here for Tina and her tantrums it’s just too much. The show definitely changed my view on the gospel duo. If you are SUPERRRRRRR bored like you want to just watch something in the background flick this on.

I started on the third season just because I was watching out of boredom

Season 3 Episode 1

Awkward Black Girl

I can’t even give this show a short description it’s just funny. However I would say it depends on your sense of humour. I find ABG hilarious but some people may not see the humour.

ABG Season 1 Episode 1

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