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Hey everybody, so I have a new #show for you all and it's called Hit The Floor.

I know Love and Hip Hop is back but sometimes I just need to watch something that is not PURE RATCHETIVITY. Don't get me wrong I love to listen to Joseline attempt to pronounce ‘Shenanigans' however sometimes I just watch the show and think What the actual HELL is going on in Atlanta?

Below are some thoughts I have about LNHH right now.

What's up with Scrappy these days like seriously? Nose ring, more hoes than you can carry? Scrapz?? Get your life and your Mother.
Erica Dixon you need to find a new man who will not embarrass you in public and ask you to put petrol in his car. You also need to find a new storyline or leave the show because right now you are interfering in everybody else’s business and it’s just unnecessary. 

Mimi I have never really felt you. Your man is using you to gain a quick $400 and here you are abusing and judging others. I lost my bag in Barbados HA! The devil is a liar! Oh another thing Mimi you and Dawn need to find a job because you do not get paid to be a hater you are in Joseline and Stevie's business too much. 

I've concluded that you are just really hurt that she got the ring and you are not living in the castle. It's fine to be a woman once scorned but just own it. Stevie hurt you it still burns but do not act as if you do not care that's the issue I have with you. Also, stop shouting in your confessionals. Like why are you always shouting? Nobody is scared of you Mimi.

Rasheeda I feel you I know Kirk stays acting up however I hope you guys can work it out. Marriage is no joke and you have been together a long time.
As wild as Kirk is he is right by telling Grandma to stop kissing the baby on the lips. Seriously Gran Gran stop doing that he is a newborn please!

Okay rant over.

So I was browsing my favourite site for shows 'MrWorldPremiere' and I saw a new show posted called 'Hit the Floor' it was one of those days I was bored so I thought okay lets see what this is about.

3 minutes in and I was hooked. Now I was watching Season 2 Ep 1 so I stopped that episode and decided to start from scratch. I'm one of those people who can't watch a show half way in. I don't want to be guessing and assuming through out 'Why did she say that' 'What happened previously that he's acting this way' I need to know everything! So yes I went to Season 1 Ep 1 and if you know me you know I was finished with that Season the next day! *Hides face*

So what is the show about?
Hit the floor follows a girl named Ahsha and her adventures as a dancer.

The show focuses on basketball, basketball cheerleaders, love, friendship all of that and more.

I'm quite obsessed with American culture so the whole basketball and basketball dancers theme got me from the get go. There are a few familiar faces so you many recognise some of the actors. 

Oh and McKinley Freeman (who plays a basketball player in the show) is fine so that’s another reason to watch =).

If you think this is something you'd like I definitely think you should give the first episode a watch.
I've posted the links below. Please leave your thoughts and comments. Much appreciated.

Season 1 Ep 1

Season 2 Ep 1

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