ONLINE ADDICTION | My Favourite Shows V3

Hello my Loves, I am back with another Online Addiction post and I must admit it was actually hard for me to find shows to put in this post. 

As of recent I just don't enjoy shows as much as before. I partially blame the increase in reality TV shows. There’s a new #show everyday and it’s pretty much the same storyline (Some washed up celebrity trying to make a comeback when they really should just fall back).  I think the only reality show that will forever have my heart and loyalty is the Real Housewives of Atlanta and that’s because it’s not just ratchet behaviour. I have watched the women grow and use their platform to build businesses. We can discuss RHOA and whether or not Kenya is really pregnant in another post (I DON'T BELIEVE IT). The shows below are in no particular order. Enjoy!

The Good Wife
Okay I know I said these are in no particular order but this is definitely THE BEST SHOW EVER. I can't remember why I started watching The Good Wife but I'm very happy I did; this really is an amazing piece of work. The last show that grabbed my attention this much was Grey’s Anatomy and those that have watched Grey’s know that show is a beast. 

I won't give too much but the Good Wife follows Alicia Florrick who is a wife, mother and lawyer. If you like shows like Suits and How to Get Away with Murder this show is definitely for you.  I think I am obsessed with shows that focus on the law and politics because I secretly wish I studied law. If you're interested in politics, scandal, adultery, greed, money and drugs then look no further. In my opinion, The Good Wife does not lack. It gives me everything required from a show. It has a great cast, script and the narrative keeps me interested from episode to episode. 

Catch The Good Wife here - Netflix & The Good Wife - Watchseries

Skinny Girl In Transit
Everybody that knows me knows I am an absolute Nollywood babe. I was happy when I found this show 'Skinny Girl in Transit' by NdaniTV, its a nice mix of the western life us young Africans live and the expectations of our parents. The show focuses on Tiwa who is currently on a journey to lose weight and also get over her ex (who sounds like a right mug - he fine though). In addition, she also has the pressure of her mum wanting her to get married (Which Nigerian girl over 22 is not being pressured by mummy and daddy to wed hmm?) The show is mainly in English but there are some Yoruba scenes. I must admit the mum is my favourite character, as pushy as she is she just reminds me of every Nigerian mummy. 

Catch the playlist here - Skinny Girl in Transit

The Number
The Number created by Black&SexyTV is about exactly what the title says THE NUMBER. Jason and Melissa are about to get married and they end up discussing the amount of people they have slept with. Jason is quite shocked with his fiancé’s answer and throughout the show we see how he feels about the situation. Jason's sister happens to be Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl (which can be found in my temilondon: ONLINE ADDICTION | My Favourite Shows V2). Issa Rae is not a fan of her brother’s finance and once she hears The Number of people she slept with the shade becomes too real!!!

Catch the full playlist here - The Number

Rider was also created by Black&SexyTV. Rider is a series about a cab driver named James and all the foolishness that goes on in the back seat of his car as he travels with his customers. It's basically like having a camera in an uber for a week and seeing all the different types of people cab drivers encounter and the things they go through on a daily. The episodes are quite short but it is a funny show. 

Catch the full playlist here - Rider

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