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From bankruptcy to absent husbands, missed flights and forced pregnancies it's Married To Medicine Season 4.

Married To Med has come to an end and I must admit it's been a pretty good season.  I decided to review the ladies on the #show individually (just makes it easier to understand ya dig?)

Lisa Nicole GIRL! I could actually pray for you.

1) I pray Lisa leaves the show I am over her. I've been over her from the day she threw water on Quad. Quad really should've shown Lisa she's from Tennessee that day. I pray she opens her eyes to see the fairy tale marriage she thinks she's in doesn't exist. People often say the women bully Lisa at all, I don't see that at all. Lisa has painted herself as having a perfect life from the moment she stepped on the show. When in actuality, it seems as though she's the only person in her marriage.

The forced pregnancy storyline was probably fake as she has nothing else to discuss (we know she's not selling FASHION as she claims). Darren always looks bored, tired (I bet he weren't tired in the strip club though).

Lisa just be honest we don't want you to admit that your marriage is crumbling we just don't want you to repeatedly tell us its amazing =\ Anyway I will continue to tweet Andy and request he cuts Lisa from the cast just how he did Claudia Jordan.

Dr Heavenly - Personally,  I like Dr heavenly just because she's honest. sometimes too honest which is definitely a flaw.

However, this season we saw she's trying to work on her flaws and I commend her for that. Dr heavenly is definitely the best when it comes to shade whether its 'yo momma' or 'you right you have nothing to lose so you can come clean up my office' her comebacks are always sensational.

My only issue with Heavenly this season was when she spoke on Genise's husband ex wife. That was so so SO WRONG. Other than that I'm here for heavenly I'm also happy she chilled with the yes daddy talks this season that was soooo cringe.

Toya -  Toya Toya what a season. I didn't really like Toya at first but I can see that she has really learnt over the years and is becoming a better woman. If Toya got anything this season it was humble pie.

That boss life, rich bitch she was doing went down the damn drain. Toya's funniest moment this season was her revealing to Quad she's in debt. Toya was smart to tell the girls herself it meant she was in control of her storyline and the ladies couldn't throw it in her face. Now I think about it that was Toyas storyline this whole season. Nothing too exciting to be honest.

Dr Jackie - Okay this is going to be a long one. Dr Jackies storyline this season honestly irked the hell out of me. We all see how hard Dr Jackie works, she's on literally every show from Atlanta delivering babies.

Dr Jackies husband however, Curtis - nuh uh. Curtis can go. His behaviour this season was absolutely atrocious. Like if you search selfish in the dictionary I'm sure Curtis face will be there. Curtis wants Jackie to spend more time at home, okay fine but Curtis what will she be doing in that big house that she's paying the majority for (no shade maybe a little).

Dr Jackie isn't able to have children, she asked to adopt but Curtis said no. I think Dr Jackie spends all her time at work to run away from the reality that she can't and will never have her own children. I know marriage isn't easy but I would think in this type of scenario Curtis would be considerate enough to take in his wife desires and let her adopt. He wants her to spend more time at home to do what? Look at his bald head? I can't .. that really irked me.

Dr Simone - erm I don't have much to say about Simone this season. Happy to see her and her husband are in a better place this season and she's chilled with the shouting this season (OMG Simone can really shout).

Genise - She cute. Face was beat at the reunion if she doesn't come back will I notice? Nope

Mariah - Mariah MARIAH  It's time to go. Look! Mariah is pressed that the ladies voted her out the group after she 'created the show' as she likes to say.

Mariah I was really on your team but the bitterness is too much. For a woman of class to take off her heels and earrings on national television just so she isn't wearing the same accessories as another cast member. Nope you are pressed. Never let anyone have enough power over you to make you get out of character. Thats all for Mariah she needs to go for her own sanity.

Last but not least Ms Quad Ms Quad - Quad had a cute season nothing crazy. Nothing will beat the season she fought with Lisa that was entertainment.

If anything I'm happy for Quad this season she really held her own. She's done with the fake friends and didn't give Mariah too much. That's how you deal with your enemies don't give them too much energy. I don't see Quad giving Dr Greg a baby till like Season 12 - she's clearly not on it.

My only question for Quad this season is what happened to the puppy couture girl. I did not see a puppy shirt, shoe nothing!

I think they need a new cast member next season just spice things up. But yes those are my thoughts what did you think of the season? Comment below.

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