TEMILONDON | Nigeria 2017

Hi Guys. I recently went to Nigeria and thought to just share a couple moments from the trip.

Now if you KNOW MEEEEEE .. You know how much I love love love being Nigerian. I just admire our culture you know. In all honesty the trip was quite random I was fed the HELL UP of London (still am kmt - Tired of seeing Stratford Westfield). So I thought why not? Also, the cold that London was experiencing at the time helped me make my decision.

I was out there for 2 weeks a bit of business, a bit of family time and a bit of turn up. I know everyone thinks all I did was turn up LOL. That's just snapchat =P. But yeah I loved it maxi dress, chapman and sandals everyday = TEMILONDON.

I only took a couple photos I will definitely take more on my next holiday. But yes have a look and enjoy. I've also uploaded a couple of my snaps =).

Yeah right I wish my hand luggage was this light. Maybe the Nigerian Airport officials would've stopped harassing me. Everyday Ejo Ma 'do you have gift' =\ No actually it's 'Do you have souvenir' Girl if you don't do your job and CHECK IN MY LUGGAGE!!!  EYE ROLL!

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