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It's not everyday Love and Hip Hop (no for real like I am tired of it all) Looking for new #show to watch look no further.

I must admit I actually struggled to find good shows this time. 2 years ago I could search web series on YouTube and nothing but good content would pop up. but now... Lord people are uploading anything NO SHADE.

I just like good shows you know good narrative, great cast and nice visuals. Is that too much to ask? No! It isn't. In fact the visuals don't even need to be all that heck look at Awkward Black GirlWatch Awkward Black Girl Here - Issa worked on a budget but the script and the cast made the show a hit and now she's a Golden Globe nominated actress/director with a hit show on HBO! Look at God.

Anyway I digress. below are shows I've been watching recently. I will be honest, I'm yet to find shows better than those listed in - Online Addiction | My Favourite Shows V1 but I'll continue to try.

Tough Love
Tough Love is probably my favourite of this list. It takes a minute to take off so give it time but it's a really good show. The show follows a group of friends with a bunch of secrets, insecurities... just a whole lot of stuff. Each character has something going on with themselves along with the overall storyline.  Tough Love is a must watch.

This Is It
I won't lie, at first I thought the acting in This Is It was super cringe. However, with time I started to like the story line. This Is It follows a newly wedded couple and all the issues they face as husband and wife.

Rumour Has It
Rumour Has It is definitely one of my favourites. Look just watch it. I don't need to explain much because it draws you in from the first episode. Rumour has it covers marital issue (marrying a Nigerian is not easy), cheating, DISRESPECTFUL Mother in laws plus more. You will definitely love this show.

Gidi Up
Okay Gidi Up Season 3 where you at I'm really trying to see Bobrisky's acting debut. LOL.

Gidi Up is an oldie but goodie. Based in Nigeria, it follows a group of individuals focusing on their work, relationships and hidden truths. Gidi Up reveals something new with each episode. Below is Season 2 but Season 1 is also up on Youtube.

If you have watched any of the shows listed please leave a comment or if you do start watching leave your thoughts. Enjoy!

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  1. I've been looking for new series to sink into. Will check these out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I will be posting more so keep a look out! Let me know what you think once you've watched xo