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Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending #TheMainstream event held by popular UK presenter Remel London and 4Music Presenter and Fitness professional AJ Odudu.

I must admit I have been to quite a few networking events but this one really touched me. Everything felt so genuine from the information we were getting to the questions from the crowd. It really was nothing but good vibes. The crowd were so engaged and also very friendly (no fake girl friendly either y'all know what I'm talking about).

AJ spoke about her experience being a black female presenter, getting into her field of work, trials, tribulations and much more.

The one thing AJ said that got to me is 'You don't have to be limited to one thing'. As for example, AJ is a presenter, she has a degree in English which she said comes in handy when presenting more factual information. She randomly took a personal trainer course which is now useful as she's a fitness ambassador for  sports brands such as Adidas. AJ also (I know she does everything she's actually amazing) knows how to DJ which is useful when she presents music.

So it made me think, maybe I can pursue all my interests and hopefully even though I can't see it now everything will come together. Both presenters gave really useful advice,  I managed to find some clips from the night so have a watch. But yes all in all the night was great and that Jamaican punch was a nice way to send me home. (Please no feds watching).

Check photos and videos of the night below.

Videos courtesy of sokoko.co.uk

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