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Hello Darlings. I hope you are well because I sure am =). Okay, I was going to wait to do another  Online Addiction | My Favourite Shows post and include Greenleaf but baby I can't wait.
 I need you, your aunty your godson and niece to start watching Greenleaf NOW. Forget Black Ink we can watch Ceaser and duchess abuse themselves next week. Right now RIGHT NOW HONEY it's all about Greenleaf.

Okay I won't lie I saw Greenleaf on my Netflix homepage ages ago but the graphic was giving me NOTHING so I continued to scroll past.

But then it came to a point where I could no longer rewatch The New Edition Biopic (no seriously it was too much I damn near know the script).

So I thought heck let me give it a try. The first episode took a minute to grab me but don't let that put you off the show is well worth it.

Greenleaf follows a super religious christian family and their megachurch. Each member of the family has a role within the church, some more important than others (and some have given themselves roles even Jesus wouldn't approve of SMH).

I really don't want to give anything away because I think the reason I love the show so much is because I wasn't expecting any of what happened. Like it literally slapped me episode after episode. All I will say is the show focuses on the churches deepest darkest secrets.

The cast includes Oprah who plays a damn good drunk (I find it so interesting how prim and proper Oprah can execute being a drunk and a little lost in life is it only me?) Keith David who plays the amazing Bishop James Greenleaf. But my favouriteeeeeee character is Lady Mae Greenleaf played by Lynn Whitfield. Lady Mae is Bishop Greenleafs wife and she will shade you and tell you to read the book of Ecclesiastes straight after LOOOL. No I actually love her.

Season 1 was good but listen the Season 2 Premiere will take your edges and no castor oil on earth will save you!!!

But yes, I just wanted to share the show. I really really love this #show. If you have watched Greenleaf or you're currently watching please leave your comments/thoughts below.

Im still blown by the Season 2 Premiere (you guys know I don't gas up dead shows so trust your girl on this one). Oh by the way I have another show I'm currently watching just waiting for the season to finish up so I can give you all the low down. You can watch season 1 of Greenleaf on Netflix - Season 2 premiere is here: Greenleaf Season 2 Premiere

Pleaseeee watch Season 1 first you will just ruin it for yourself if you just start Season 2.

Okay im really done with this post now enjoy! 

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  1. I have recently taken a liking to this show as well. I watched the entire first season in 2 days. It's so good!

    1. Hey Clarissa, I did the same watched it in 2 days lol. Have you watched Season 2 Ep 1? X

  2. I watched when it first aired and binged like a week before it came back

    1. Same lol. I think the first season was much more interesting than S2. But we'll see.