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If you have nothing to do this Bank Holiday weekend (which I doubt) you can check out these GREAT Nollywood movies.

If you're looking to laugh, cry or just learn some Yoruba then look no further. People often ask which Nollywood films I'd recommend, so I thought why not post them here. Below are films I've watched probably more than 3 times. I wrote little about each film but I won't spoil them for you.

Alakada Part 2
Everybody that knows me knows that Alakada is My FAVOURITE NOLLYWOOD FILM. I have watched it about 12 times! Listen if you need to laugh Alakada is the movie. Alakada follows Yetunde Animasaun (Toyin Aimakhu - one of my favourite nollywood actresses) a young village babe, studying in the city and trying to convince everybody that she is wealthy and friends with Michelle Obama. I can not explain the film you just need to watch it. 

Alakada has 3 parts. 2 is my favourite then 3. You don't have to watch 1 to understand 2 in my opinion but its up to you (I say just watch 2 and 3 as they are more recent).

Trouble Comes To Town

I stumbled across Trouble Comes to Town on www.irokotv.com and it had such a high rating I thought why not. The film shows a husband and wife having some serious marital issues. Let's just say things go very very left.

Watch here on IrokoTV: http://irokotv.com/videos/3964/trouble-comes-to-town

Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs is a film that really touched me. The film follows a husband and wife (a very ungrateful husband) and shows the great lengths housewives go to. Crazy thing is what occurs in this marriage happens in a lot of African households.


AOLATTTTT!  Okay Aolat is a Yoruba movie but Aolat follows a husband and wife who are very opposite. Aolat's husband loves her very much but she can't seem to get past his bad English and dreams of living the boss girl luxury lifestyle there are subtitles. I must admit the Yoruba makes it much funnier.

Stranger In My Bed

Stranger In my My Bed is another high rated film on Iroko. A high flying lawyer  is approached by a respected chief to find evidence of his younger wife cheating. Things definitely take an interesting turn.

Watch here on IrokoTV: http://irokotv.com/videos/3829/slug

Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee shows what its like to have a greedy Mother In Law from HELL!!!! Africans and money chai!!

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