TEMILONDON | All I Want For My Birthday Is ....

Another year already. Woooowuuu!

Hey loves.  This post honestly is for me to look back on next year and see what has changed and hopefully be able to say WOWUUUUU game dun change.

It was my birthday last week May 24th (We still accepting PayPal gifts, oh you think I'm playing okayyyy).

In all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to my birthday mainly because I just feel I'm at a point where I'm just focusing on work. Like I'm proper focusing on GUWOP. Thats kind of all I care about at the moment so the thought of going all out and planning something was just looking like a hassle. I guess  right now I'm just trying to set things up so that everyday feels like my birthday ya Digg?

Nevertheless, I actually enjoyed my birthday despite not looking forward to it at all. I spent it with all my loved ones. nearest and dearest. Oh I watched Dreamgirls in theatre too.

Listennnnnn!! If you enjoyed Dreamgirls on film you have to watch it in the theatre it was amazing. I was actually smiling throughout. The stage production BITCH  my edges were snatched, in fact my edges are still in the theatre,

it really was amazing. I watched it in the Savoy Theatre, but yes go and watch I definitely  recommend. Below are some photos from my birthday week.  Yes Week because you have to enjoy life.

See you in the next post!

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