TEMILONDON | 5 Netflix Flicks You Should Not Watch

What's goodie in the hoodie (No A Boogie - No somebody sign me!!!) Anyway, you all know I'm a Netflix junkie and although I've found some good I have also come across some bad and honey do I mean BAD!

We all know the Netflix struggle, searching for something good to watch but can't figure out what's worth your time. Unfortunately, you have to give a movie a good 10-15 minutes before you realise it's trash! Nowadays, the thumbnails don't help either, some movies have an amazing title/thumbnail only to be deceived and start watching a super bootleg movie.

Not to fear TEMILONDON is here! Here are 5 Netflix Flicks you should NOT CLICK! Your Netflix and chill will end quicker than you can say snicker.

The Man in 3B
Let me tell you right now, this film will leave you all the way confused. Daryl Graham moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors can't stop talking about him. Daryl is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be.  The film is a pool of confusion but you will get some chuckles, so if you're looking for a laugh go ahead.

Chocolate City
Why do I keep seeing Arnez from One on One in these films? He's a good actor you know but Chocolate City is a city I will not be returning to. If you like male strippers you might like this but with a 4/10 IMDb rating you might not!

Boy Bye
No you say BYE guys I was sooooooo MADDDD! Single entrepreneur Veronica finally starts to believe in love after meeting sexy Lance, but she soon discovers he's hiding something from her.
My girl Wendy Raquel Robinson stars in this so I thought hey let me give it a chance. Never again!

I clicked on this film because I saw Sessilee Lopez (who is a REAL supermodel) in the thumbnail. With a 4.3 rating on IMDb I should've known better. If you want my honest opinion... Don't bother boo. The film has a lot of appearances from Tyson Beckford, Angela Simmons, Golden Brooks, Fat Joe plus more.

Will To Love
Look at the advert I should've known better. A CEO of a million dollar company has to find a wife in order to inherit his grandfather's company and his estate. The film stars Marques Houston, Draya and Keshia Knight Pulliam. The storyline was just blah like serious blah!

If you have watched any of these films please comment below or if you have any Netflix shows/movies you reccommend as a NO GO please leave them in the comments.

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  1. Love this post especially the will 2 love review lool. Look forward to reading more posts from you x 😊